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Michael Wolkind QC is a leading criminal trial and defence barrister based out of the UK. Acting as Lead Counselor in some of the most infamous criminal trials, such as the cases of Tony Martin and Munir Hussain, the 7/7 Terrorist Conspiracy, and counteless others, he has become one of the most requested barristers in the United Kingdom. Particularly talented at witness “destruction” and uncovering a lie, The Legal 500 Directory has labelled Michael as “without doubt, the best cross-examiner in the business.”

Micheal began his career in law in 1976. In 1999, after acheiving Silk, he moved to Bedford Row Chambers. Now, two decades later, Michael Wolkind has opened his own chambers. Alongside his work partner, Catherine Daly, Michael opened MC Chambers in October 2019. Between the two barristers, they may be working upwards of 50 cases at a time. 

In 2016, Michael was invited to address the Oxford University Bar Associated and discuss his 40 year, infamous career as a defence barrister. He was not initially drawn to criminal law and defence work, but after dabbling in a few cases, Michael knew it was the path for him. He has always loved the tale of the underdog, and the cases themselves proved challenging and mentally stimulating. To this day, nothing gives him quite as much satisfaction as defeating injustice. 

For Michael Wolkind, success in law comes down to the ability to visualize and construct your closing argument, as well as an innate ability to think quickly and creatively on your feet—a skill in which he excels. For example, during one particular trial, Michael gave his entire closing speech in Danish (for a good reason) and closed the trial. He also holds the record for the fastest full murder trial at the Old Bailey. Odd achievements aside, Michael’s track record proves that when it comes to a defence barrister, you’d be hard-pressed to find one as innovative, quick-witted, and successful as Michael Wolkind QC. 

In his free time, Michael enjoys spending time writing poems and taking long walks with his dog, Milo. Writing offers him the chance to spend some time in another person’s shoes—adopting a new personality and outlook on life. Much of Michael’s inspiration for his writing comes from meeting people on the street or on his walks with Milo. Stopping to ask someone about their day can give him a great many ideas on a new poem and a new perspective. 

For more information on Michael Wolkind QC and his experience in defence law, be sure to read his blog!

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