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Working as a law professional is an impressive accomplishment, and anyone who has worked in the field should be incredibly proud of their endeavors. However, the industry can also be stressful and time-consuming; those who work there may eventually find themselves burned out or not as passionate about their work as they used to be. Fortunately, there are many alternatives for those who have previously worked in the law if they decide to leave their careers and enter a different field.


Many skills required to work within the legal profession effectively are similar to those needed to be a writer. Many former barristers and solicitors have found themselves transferring the necessary skills to succeed in their job to a new career as authors, drawing on their knowledge of the law to create beautiful works of fiction. For those who aren’t attracted to that sort of writing, however, there is always a need for new law textbooks and study guides, helping put all the knowledge of your first profession to good use for those still interested in pursuing it.


Many law professionals have a unique advantage if they decide to enter the financial sector. Knowing how the law functions with concern to money allows former barristers and solicitors to become very effective financial advisors, investment consultants, or fund managers. Many people unfamiliar with the intricacies of law prefer to let professionals handle their economic interests or at least seek their advice before making important decisions. Those who have experience in this area are uniquely qualified to assist in this capacity.


Much of being a legal professional is communicating your point to others effectively. This can translate to very fulfilling and prosperous careers in industries that require good communication skills, including human resource management, labor relations, or being a mediator. Since the fundamental basis of most legal actions is trying to resolve a dispute between two or more parties, conflict resolution and compromise are something many legal professionals find easy to achieve.

When changing careers, the most important thing to do is identify what drew you to your current profession in the first place. If you can translate what you love about working in the legal profession into your new job, you will undoubtedly find something at which you can be successful.