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A criminal barrister sits in court and tries to persuade a jury that their client is not guilty. In this role, the public will come up against them as they represent people who have been accused of committing crimes such as theft or fraud. This job has its challenges but it can also be incredibly rewarding when you win your case for someone’s freedom after an initial conviction or sentence given by magistrates’ courts.

The Pathway to Becoming criminal barrister: If you want to become a barrister then there are certain steps you need to follow before becoming one. You must first join either the Bar Council or the CILEx Regulation branch which helps you to become a barrister. If you are interested in becoming one then you must go through all the requirements needed before joining either of these bars which will help you further your career as a criminal barrister.

Becoming an Independent Barrister: Many junior barristers often work for chambers or companies where they receive instructions from solicitors and clients on cases, but nothing is stopping them from working independently if they wish. This could be appealing to those who want more control over their future. Working as an independent means having full responsibility for building up your practice with no limits on what type of case can be handled by yourself.

What Does It Take To Be A Criminal Barrister? The role of a criminal barrister is to represent people in court who have been accused of committing crimes, but what does it take to be a good one? A key element will depend on your ability to communicate effectively with clients and witnesses. This means being empathetic when talking about the case while also keeping an open mind at all times. Being a good communicator is therefore important to be successful in this role.

How Can You Apply To Become A Criminal Barrister? If you are interested in applying then certain requirements need to be met before being able to do so, which include having completed the barrister qualification. Those who have not yet finished their studies will need to wait until they’ve done so before making an application for becoming criminal barristers. This can take up to three years depending on your grade and whether or not you were working while studying at university.