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Law is a highly complex and competitive field. For anyone to succeed, they really do need to immerse themselves in study and networking. Listening to podcasts can be helpful for law students. It can help them to understand the nuts and bolts of practising, and to learn a little bit about different areas of the law that they may decide to specialize in. Law podcasts can be both informative and entertaining.


Serial is one of the most famous podcasts ever released. Hosted by Sarah Koenig and broadcast by NPR in the United States, it looks into the 1999 murder of teenager Hae Min Lee. Serial proved wildly popular but also created some controversy when it was released. Issues of social and economic class are barely touched on. And Lee’s family declined to participate. The first season of Serial provides law students with plenty to think about.


Law Pod UK is a podcast produced by the UK Human Rights blog. It investigates theoretical and practical issues as they relate to the law. One popular episode explored the impact of technology on the practice of law, particularly artificial intelligence. This podcast also looks at the rights of individuals to determine their own path in society today. Law Pod UK has continuously provided coverage of Brexit. They are still looking at the aftermath that voting Leave has had on the UK. Although it’s been years, that decision is still unfolding in important ways.


RightsUp is another podcast focused on human rights. They have covered emerging topics that impact people’s day-to-day lives, including things like revenge porn. There are a number of ways culture is evolving in the UK right now. For example, some religious groups object to the teaching of sex education. This is particularly true among conservative immigrants. This intersection of religious and educational freedom can be tricky to untangle. RightsUp has also examined the responsibility that corporations have in terms of human rights.


These days, there’s a podcast for everything and the legal field is no exception. Other podcasts curious law students might enjoy include offerings from traditional UK enews organizations. Law in Action, from BBC Radio 4 and The Hearing, from Thomson Reuters are two great examples in this field.