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When studying law there is so much information to take in but to help ease the process take some time to read a book. From textbooks to lectures to workshops, studying law can be mentally draining and very difficult. Everything you need to know about the law will help you get the job done but there’s more to the journey. To help prepare yourself for the journey consider reading some of these books aimed towards law students.


Letter to a Law Student by Nicholas J McBride

Nicholas J McBride is the perfect mentor for anyone interested in having a helping hand. The book is made up of letters that will help guide you through the steps of studying law. The language he uses is simplified, giving readers a more intimate and human feel. This book is also a great option for high school students who are not sure what they want to study in higher education. Letter to a Law Student is a great book to have on hand to help you during the good and bad times.


What About the Law? By Catherine Barnard, Janet O’Sullivan, and Graham Virgo

If you’re unsure about studying law then this book is highly recommended. By the end of this book, these three authors will have you loving every aspect of law. They all touch base on different cases and how the future of law and constantly changing. O’Sullivan focuses on forming contracts when you make large deals and go deep into the basic principles of contract law. They also go into a discussion about the infamous Ruxley v. Forsyth case that every UK lawyer must learn about in their studies.


Stories of the Law and How it’s Broken  – The Secret Barrister

The Secret Barrister shares stories about people who were failed by the law and didn’t receive justice. Some people had to file for bankruptcy after paying so many legal fees and others are left with scaring lives that are ruined forever. This book is a great read for anyone who is studying law or not but if you’re interested in criminal law this is a must. The Secret Barrister is an anonymous blogger who has brought his voice to paper with this thought-provoking read that will leave you wanting more.