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A criminal lawyer may be brilliant, but they might not be just like the ones on television and in movies. Most of the time the public thinks lawyers are just there to defend criminals, even when they know they’re in the wrong. The truth is that a skilled legal team and lawyer do so much more than this. Their presence might mean the difference between going free and spending life in prison. There are two huge misconceptions of criminal defence lawyers.


You Lie For Me


A criminal defence lawyer follows a strict set of guidelines. They cannot knowingly make a false statement, meaning they cannot blurt out to everyone that you were somewhere else when they know you were at the scene of the crime. They cannot present false evidence either. The lawyer is not there to defraud everyone in that courtroom. They are there to present their client’s case. They will do this with persuasive force. They are there to defend their client against whatever evidence is put forward.


You Set Me Free


Yes, a lawyer’s job is to protect the client. No, a lawyer’s job is not to get you off the hook in any way possible. There are rules. As a criminal defence lawyer, they must do everything they can to give you legal representation, present you to a jury, give you a speedy trial, and present people from your side to the court. They protect your rights. They help ensure a fair trial for you.


What do you do for me?


You should think of your lawyer as a person that ensures everything is legally run in your court case. The prosecutor will try to prove you committed a crime. Your lawyer will defend you against this person. If you do not have a lawyer on your side, the prosecutor can put you through the wringer. They can use unfair tactics and may even misrepresent the evidence.


It’s crucial that you find a good lawyer if you are in need of help. It’s important to choose a lawyer you trust that will act ethically on your behalf. A defence lawyer will play by the rules while ensuring you get a free trial and a fair chance.