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Podcasts have become increasingly popular. Easily accessed through mobile devices, the digital audio platform has blown up with people from every walk of life subscribing to podcasts that strike their fancy.  The best podcasts are entertaining while also being entertaining for the audience. Many people enjoy listening while working out, walking the dog, or commuting to work. 


Legal podcasts are a great way for lawyers to learn more about their profession without taking any time away from their busy schedules or costing a thing. These podcasts can help barristers increase their knowledge on the latest legal technology, new industry trends, and marketing ideas. 


Many of the shows are hosted by some of the best people in the legal profession, such as bar association leaders, counsels for major companies, and leading publishers for credited law journals. If you are a barrister consider checking out legal podcasts and learn more about billing, hiring, specific areas of law, and practice management.


Here are two of the best legal podcasts for barristers.


Mondeo Law


Mondeo Law is a show hosted by Barrister Chris Kehoe and comedian Alex Boardman. The two sit in a Ford Mondeo and discuss everything involving English Criminal Law. Kehoe guides listeners through a different popular area of criminal law and highlights famous cases in each episode. When Kehoe presents a specific historical case, he provides the facts, sets out the principles of law that the case raises and offers his insight into how the verdict was reached.


The series is easy to understand for people who aren’t involved with Law and offers information on what it’s like to be a barrister. The court system is explained, legal tactics are broken down, and listeners can send in questions to be answered.


Northpod Law & UKCLB


The Northpod Law and UKCLB podcast is hosted by Benjamin Knight, Kirstin Beswick, and Jonathon Holt. Every week they are joined by other legal experts and lawyers and discuss that week’s legal news and stories. The focus of the show is how different headlines affect the justice system as well as the profession as a whole throughout England and Wales.


Knight, Beswick, and Holt believe that too often people do not understand the facts about criminal cases, as the media doesn’t help the public understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of each case. The barristers discuss current topics and cases in a simple way, allowing the law to become more accessible for people outside of the legal industry.